Event Announcements

Octahedral Objects

Omy goodness! It’s finally time to celebrate Octahedral Geometry with the Octahedral Group.

Come join us at 3pm on the 30th day of the 3rd month to celebrate our favorite symmetry group with 3 uniform colorings. To get us started, Jeremy Shafer will be teaching an octahedral origami model.

Our octahedral objects will also be built from beads, balloons, and bananas.

Bring something octahedral or something that we can try to make an octahedron from. Join our group for more details.

Event Announcements

Palindrome Party!

We hope you don’t have aibohphobia because the next Octahedral Group Event is a Palindrome Party on March 16th.

Whether you arrive in a toyota or a kayak, from Navan, Renner, or Tumut, leave your doom mood behind and get stuck in our party trap along with so many dynamos.

We’ll do palindromic dancing to palindromic music and reversed-pop-songs, or solos by an avid diva, or late metal. We will play games forwards and backwards. We’ll dress in ways that flaunt our mirror symmetry, or wear spacecaps.

Price of admission: one palindrome or palindrome-inspired-thing of your own invention for other people to enjoy. It can be a straight-up new palindrome, or something reversible on some level, or a piece of art with mirror symmetry, or a piece of palindromic music you’ve created, or video, or anything you can think of that would be fun to share.

Want to come? Have a great mathematical art idea? Sign up to get more details about our group.

Event Announcements

Binary Math Dance Party

The Octahedral Group is a brand-new San Francisco-based math/art group for people who experience true joy through mathematics, and express that joy through sculpture, dance, music, poetry, or any other artistic medium. We’re not exactly sure what we’re going to turn into yet, but that’s not going to stop us from getting started!

Our first event is going to be a “Math Dance Party” on the afternoon of February 23rd in SoMa, consisting of math-dance workshops followed by unstructured social dance time. Come experiment with mathematicaldance with us, and meet other mathematical art enthusiasts in the area! No special dance skills required.

Join our group to learn more!