Event Announcements

Slices vs Shadows

June 1st the epic battle between Slices and Shadows commences, and all are invited to witness the carnage.
Who will prevail: the perfect sword of exact yet partial truth, or the shining light that renders complete but warped shadow?
Is it better to completely understand a tiny section of a thing, or to see the big picture but only as an abstraction?
Marc ten Bosch returns with new ways to slice and dice your favorite polytopes, all from the comfort of our couch and his ipad!
On the other side of things, special guest Henry Segerman brings his convincing arguments for stereographic projection with awesome 3d-printed models of 3d and 4d shapes. See projection in action!
Support for projection comes from Andrea Hawksley, whose giant hair tie 120-cell boings in agreement.
But the projection camp, while large, contains inner dissent that threatens to tear them apart! Scott Vorthmann turns against his stereographic-loving colleagues, claiming: “Any right-thinking geometer must prefer orthographic (by definition).”
Whether you know all about slicing and projecting geometric objects or are learning for the first time, come pick a side (the more vitriol the better), and bring something slice or shadow-related for everyone to enjoy. This can be either a mathematical art interpretation, or anything involving the idea of slices or shadows.