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December 14, 2019 Meeting Notes

The December meeting was hosted by Scott Vorthmann. As usual for meetings hosted by Scott, the meeting started off with people socializing and working on a Zometool build. This time, the model in question was a vertex centered projection of a 120-cell. Unlike the cell centered Zometool 120-cell model, this model requires a great number of specialty 3D printed pieces. We were unable to complete the model in the time allotted, but Scott finished it the next day and you can see the completed model below.


There were three talks at the meeting.

Marc Roth spoke on Pascal’s triangle designs and showcased 2 quilts made by Elaine Krajenke Ellison using his Pascal’s triangle designs.



He also shared a Pascal’s triangle mod-10 playing card puzzle, and brought puzzles for everybody to try.

Roger Antonsen spoke about his experience at the ICERM Illustrating Mathematics semester workshop. He shared his semesters worth of concentrated math art work there. This included visualizing card shuffling, various methods of circle packing, a laser cut Hilbert curve Celtic knot, a laser labyrinth mirror Hilbert curve, using tiles to make a Hilbert curve (3 different tiles required), visualizing peg solitaire games, and a beaded cellular automata project that he worked on with Gwen Fisher. On top of all that he also quickly showed assorted works in progress that came out of the ICERM semester workshop.

Lastly, Jeffrey Ventrella gave a Bridges talk rehash on his work on “Portraits from the family tree of plane filling curves“. You can see more of his space filling fractal curves work at his website: or


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November 16th, 2019 Meeting Notes

The November 16th meeting was hosted by Jason Merrill at the Desmos office. There were four presentations.

Indira Chatterji gave a presentation on her mathematical drawings and animations.

Chamberlain Fong presented on “squircles” and the content of his last Bridges paper.

Scott Vorthmann gave a presentation on vZome.

Toby Schachman gave a presentation on his Sun Seeds project with collaborator Ryan Alexander. If you’re interested in purchasing Sun Seed kits, they will continue taking orders while we’re finishing this batch. Please contact Toby if you are interested. More info on the Indiegogo campaign can be found here:

Toby also spoke about Cuttle, the CAD tool he is developing which we used to design the Sun Seeds. Cuttle combines direct-manipulation vector editing with programming capabilities. More info, and a place to sign up for updates:
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September 27th, 2019 Meeting Notes

Cliff Stoll hosted at his home and Klein Bottle warehouse.

Participants were given a tour of the Klein Bottle warehouse and warehouse robot.


He also shared a number of his various mathematical amendments to his home as well as an assortment of mathematical blown glass artwork.

Jacob Rus presented his work on some delightful images that result from accumulations of floating point errors. His “Non-robust arithmetic gallery” can be seen here: This work has since been made into actual fabric with the help and advice of Stacy Speyer, so hopefully we will all get to see at the next meeting.

Nan Ma presented his new website about regular star polytopes: During the walk-through of several webpages with many images and animations, he shared the interesting fact that when you explode cells of the star polytope, the Grand 120-cell to a specific distance, they form the convex 120-cell.

Stacy Speyer brought some examples of her woven balls for show and tell, and Stan Isaacs brought an assortment of puzzles.

Additional images from this meeting can be found here: